Facility Update

Southwest Management and it’s Clubs and Courses are working diligently to stay on top of the ever evolving situation we are all experiencing with regards to COVID-19. As you are all aware, the societal changes across our Country are unprecedented and obviously inconvenient, however we believe they are in the best interest of all citizens and will hopefully slow the spread of the virus in a very quick timeframe.


Our goal throughout this process is to make sure that the health and safety of our Members, Guests, Golfers, Employees and Partners is focused on with the highest priority. As you have seen with other businesses such as restaurants, gathering places, events, etc. those operations have simply taken a back seat to everyone’s welfare and well-being, albeit extremely inconvenient. In an effort to insure that our facilities do everything possible to protect as many as possible, the following guidelines have been placed on all operations.

Tres Rios is eliminating as many touches as possible.

  • The front door is open!
  • We have removed the rakes from the course and we’re considering the Bunkers ground under repair!
  • The snack bar has Hot Dogs, Brats, and Deli sandwiches. Along with snacks to take on the course with you. 
  • The snack bar is open!
  • The carts are being cleaned daily!

In some areas, our procedures may exceed what local or State agencies are requiring, however again we feel it best within our Golf Club communities to be as diligent as possible and adjust operations significantly in order to protect as many as possible. 
We will continue to work with everyone during this fluid process to over-communicate any further changes to our adjusted operations. Together we will all persevere through this time, regardless of how long it takes. As we do, please simply work to comply with all new directives so that you stay healthy and safe.
With proper procedures, Golf can serve as a wonderful outlet for space and enjoyment during these times. Come out and enjoy the Fresh Air and Lush Green Grass!
Tres Rios will do all we can to help you feel comfortable during these times. Our Staff is happy to help you in anyway possible.